DJ Booth:

* 2 Technic 1200 Turntables or 2 Pioneer Nexus 2000 CDJ’s

* 1 Pioneer 900 DJM-Mixer or 1 Pioneer S9 DJMixer or 1 Rane Serato 72 DJ-Mixer

*1 Sennheiser EW 135 G3 Wireless Microphone

* 1 10 inch Monitor Speaker in Booth

* 1 Power Strip

* Set Up Cannot Be In The Direct Sunlight

* Set Up Cannot Be on top of subwoofers

*Designated green room (if space permits)


TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: The Purchaser agrees to provide a professional sound system with the specifications set out as follows: 

(a)  The sound system shall be set up and tested to be in complete working order before the arrival of the Artist. The system shall be capable of evenly covering the entire listening area and must be able to reach loud (115 dB at mix position) levels without audible distortion. All speaker enclosures should be of a reputable make (VDOSC, EV, EAW, Turbosound, Nexo, Meyer, JBL). The system shall include appropriate amplification, cables, all necessary rigging hardware, etc. The number of speakers will depend on the type of speaker and size of venue. Estimated total power capacity in Watts = Venue capacity x 10. 

(b)  MONITOR SYSTEM: 2x appropriately sized and powered monitors hooked up to the *monitor out of the mixer* (important) NOT daisy chained to the master outputs. Stereo monitor speakers must be connected to the mixer so artist can control the volume.